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more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers flight makes antarctica so special and attractive for many wildlife in antarctica is both if you live in the flood zone. expedition to the bottom of the earth are. much brighter than if you moved from phones to pressure. groups don't talk t.v. don't come. making
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a splash in russian politics billionaire mahal program launches on the self as the leader of a liberal business minded party setting his sights on becoming prime minister. in an exclusive interview to or to russia's third richest man says if not me then a clue find out all the details in just a few moments. dozens killed in a terror attack in a hospital in eastern afghanistan while president obama pushes forward with plans for a drastic troop reduction label risky by some in the u.s. military. the u.k. accused of double standards for providing safe haven to egypt's former finance minister who was convicted of corruption despite london publicly supporting the pro-democracy movement. three am in moscow i mad trezise good to have you with us. here on r t our top
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story one of russia's richest men has set his sights on politics after conquering the world of business but how broker of his been elected leader of the right cause party which plans to run in december's parliamentary elections or he's ever piskun off spoke exclusively to the billionaire. because it is not yet known as a successful politician but he is known as a very successful businessman and when it comes to pull her off and the right cause they have quite ambitious goals as well which are not only to get into the state duma to the next election but also to become the second most powerful political force in the country right there next to the united russia party and even though. political career is just starting he's already aiming for the senior levels all for russia's political elite i'm not the kind of person who tends to dream or plunges into illusion we have particular goals to get into russia's lower house of
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parliament with the maximum number of votes what i also understand is that i could be a good prime minister if the party successful i would fight for this position. himself has asked the members of the right course party not to refer to themselves as the opposition explaining that the cruelly of the term up was asian is critically understood by millions off russians who according to paul one of see the current opposition in russia as a disorganized marginal force i'm capable of making any changes to the changes that paul and his party are talking about and they are already getting concrete ideas off continuing the modernization off russia and making a liberal improvements. surely is quite a colorful character starting from his time to this man is over two meters tall to basically all the things that he undertakes has become quite successful he's known
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to be quite a sports fan a morsel arts expert he's known to be quite an active a jet skier he also the new jersey nets successful the u.s. and basketball team one of his latest projects the your my b. which is a core clearly being developed. in washington even though it's not yet being produced there's apparently already a huge a queue for these course for years and years ahead of most of the projects that has undertaken really did become successful that's why there is a reason to believe that the right course party really does stand a chance. you can get that full interview with michael kroger all of later on sunday here on our t.v. i was thirty five people have been killed in eastern afghanistan with a dozen with dozen others wounded in a suicide car bomb attack at a hospital this comes just a day after a bomb ripped through another market in the country killing ten people but despite the recent surge of violence in afghanistan president obama has announced the
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withdrawal of more than thirty thousand u.s. troops by the end of next year some military commanders within the u.s. called the plan a risky advising a much smaller troop reduction this as international investigators say the nearly ten year long u.s. led mission has failed to reduce corruption among afghan officials a couple based journalist has i mean alec has he's i says the ongoing nato occupation is infuriating many of the afghan people. who have why did the actions and the good thing was done but again if there was an inspiration to do it is denied to announce a bit of bonding and villages and also some public and so she said minister it doesn't end people to join some incidences groups and again is this excluding government. outside the capital kabul and can decide you know all living intentions in the night and you cannot. do this because of this.
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men because of this not because of this ongoing fick the bulls was but i did look at this intelligence and someone says that there are some people. do the delavan don't we do not have this tension. again do not attempt internet that is due out this fall at night. to walk and go to some of the. local so if an apprentice but those good old men go they can go to the men under the supposed to feel some achievement and i shouldn't say we shouldn't try that we have some achievement we have some construction but most of them. and the use of you is not the use of guns. plenty of comments and analysis on the situation in afghanistan our website our t. dot com but on to discover why some in the country say they felt safer with the taliban than the us plus the fall from grace find out why ukraine's iron lady yulia
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timoshenko was found herself in court in-depth coverage waiting for you on the line also was lined up every tell gone bad russia's rags to riches model to tell you about yon of us from her aristocratic husband. egypt's former finance minister a sentence to thirty years in prison is living openly in london despite being wanted by cairo you said he was convicted of abusing power for personal profit but fled the country after january's revolution as artie's laura editor reports this isn't the first time london has played host to rich foreign fugitives. when egypt to dropped it into violence at the still said the year the u.k. was among the first to support the uprising outwith the old dictatorship and in
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with a new era of democracy the old guard was swept to sites but many running in fear for their lives ran straight to a new die in london and the local egyptian community is horrified. and it's some of them calling she want to go and. because it is a long time now the british government be allowing people running oil not just from egypt from all over the world you said boutros ghali is just one the former finance minister instead of beginning a thirty year prison sentence for embezzlement in egypt he said to be running around london a free man boutros ghali was convicted in absentia of corruption profiteering and abusing state and private assets he's also been ordered to repay more than ten million dollars and p. andris slaughter has demanded the british government does something about it but is disappointed by the response but expect to see some more action both against the
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money and all the goods it's been extorted from egypt and other. arab countries but also against fugitives from justice in this country and that's what i feel pressing the governor here today was actually we do have a very strong tradition in this country of upholding international law and i want to see that continue i don't want the current government to neglect that you take many think they're already negligent in boutros ghali case an international arrest warrant has reportedly been issued by egypt but critics bail money and connections secure a ticket to freedom in the u.k. which is going to be would not have a problem to get into the united kingdom for so many reasons and the simplest one of them is the money has caught i mean you can get to remain with your money in the u.k. if your money is clear meanwhile in egypt people aren't surprised england they say is where corrupt middle eastern officials go to hide it is not
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a stranger to the west very much one of the west's men in egypt was one of the worst men in egypt so that he's found refuge in london is not surprising to anybody to chip soon die after a the u.k. it's hard for a millionaire. penn state's inundating community need to say to people if there's no guarantee be able to stay safe and they don't leave you with. a lousy excuse to pull christie supports to the middle east in a democracy me. bring to the great lakes see you were at a top team. like to hear what you think about this go online and visit our web site r t dot com to take part in our latest online poll today we're asking why does the u.k. harbor exiles so far the popular response is because money talks not far behind thirty nine percent say the because they don't turn their backs on what one day may become
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andy and not many of you agree that it's because bad political leverage is better than none or that he u.k. is a truly democratic country log on and your soon. coming up as financial woes gripped europe we take to the streets of new york to find out if people there feel like they're heading down the same road. greece is looking bad sprain is looking bad but i feel like we're on the right i think we have to fix it on the global level but i think we the each country have to know where they live their expectations it was pretty bad during the great depression that is a bottom that we can compare it to i know it will get that bad but i don't think we're there yet. plus find out why the promise land isn't looking so promising for some of the thousands of israelis who apply for european and u.s. passports. well as we discover how the south pole is both a land of duty and incredible danger. first though the number of wounded
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in a gas explosion in russia's north caucasus has recent risen to fifty five with twenty in serious condition the blast happened at a wedding ceremony in the capital of north of setia artie's medina cochon of a has more from a lot of tough cuts. of the moments of the number of people has risen to over fifty with the sum of twenty being any serious condition now some of those people have even burns all across their bodies and they're all have been placed in three different local hospitals here in of lead meanwhile russian emergencies ministry's plane has arrived and it brought medical specialists from moscow and these are experienced a will a chunk of those dangerous and work out a list of a dozen people was the most sivia ones to bring them to moscow for special treatment the blast happened during a wedding ceremony and here in the russian's north caucasus weddings are big celebrations and usually are not less than three hundred guests are invited for this type of ceremonies and the food is being cooked outside in special councils
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that's why each week was gassed chemistries and one of these gas canisters exploded and seriously injured a significant number of people and for this very was saying over four hundred guests were invited but at the time of the blast only one hundred were presence in the yard near the residential area so the scale of this accident could have been bigger turnout of some other stories making headlines across the globe have been heard of a police station under attack by militants in northwest pakistan at least ten officers were reportedly killed some two dozen others believed to be trapped inside the compound only the latest assault in recent weeks involving teams of armed insurgents targeting security forces pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was in revenge for the killing of osama bin laden. in sudan at least eleven people have died after a militia group allegedly allied to the northern government attacked
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a southern town host tens of thousands of refugees displaced by fighting southern officials say the attacks are part of a by the north to take over oil rich areas in the south before gaining independence next month. both sides ended more than two decades of a civil war in two thousand and five that claimed more than two million lives. fifteen people have been killed in a nato air strike on civilian sites according to libyan state television more than twenty others reportedly hurt by the attack in the eastern town of brega the t.v. report didn't specify exactly when the assault happened the alliance rejected the allegations saying it had only hit legitimate military targets. and turning to syria twenty people including two children were killed when security forces reportedly opened fire on demonstrators with a warning and a new wave of protests thousands took to the streets of several cities calling on president bashar al assad to step down after four decades of family rule in the
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capital damascus protesters also came under fire as they blocked roads leading to the city center a three month long crackdown has reportedly left about fourteen hundred people dead . the promised land of the jews israel is now facing something of an exodus of its own tens of thousands of fled the country over the past few years with many others now thinking of packing their bags as artie's paul asli reports fears over security issues have forced many israelis to look for a safe haven abroad. rachel shites has no reason to like germany she was born there before the second world war and within six years had been expelled and most of her family killed but the irony is she now wants a german passport. i want the german citizenship to help my children and grandchildren which might be shocking if it wasn't so common in israel today in the last decade some fifty thousand israelis have applied for european citizenship a quarter of a million already have
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a second passport it's unlikely that any other country in the world has such a large percentage of new immigrants preparing to leave it's really. the story because it is or was a stubborn to become a shill for the jewish people and europe becomes the shell of the sleeve. that's of my faith the american heart of tel aviv here you'll hear more english than hebrew and you'll be forgiven for thinking that you're in the us and not the promised land most israelis here have a second passport many of them grew up abroad or have a parent who came from another country. and i would never give up my canadian and probably would give up my israeli the american i wouldn't give up because i have family there and i want to have to go there any time british passport or european passport is a doorway to opportunities eight years ago the bar was blown up by a suicide bomber three people were killed and fifty injured the bar didn't close down but some say the rush for new passports heated up in very peak of suicide
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bombings and there was a feeling of insecurity so yes there was an increase both in immigration and in the demand for passports and that demand has only grown in the last five years israel has been in two wars and many fear another is not far off and the government's policy of settlement expansion has only isolated the country internationally so it's no surprise is leading israeli journalist gideon levy that people are tired of living in a war zone. racing it's leadership on creating all the. frying in the comparing against anything and the payoff is a population that feels unsafe with one eye on europe. damn the sun has processed nearly five thousand applications for a second passport in the last ten years that works out at about forty passports a month and he's only one lawyer working in the field the fate of the draw in world war two. the one who are favored were the ones who got though i'd. call.
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if you're going to go out. that can help you to move. out of danger zone then you do it every year more jews leave israel for europe and the states and then the other way around one in five or so if you choose has already returned home and with no israeli palestinian peace talks on the horizon and growing israeli and security about the arab demonstrations on the doorstep this so-called insurance passport is unlikely to lose popularity any time soon pointlessly r t tell of of good news for the economy has lately been few and far between with layoffs sturdy and growing u.s. national debt some are staying optimistic though saying things could be worse as our resident on the streets of new york ground up.
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all the latest data indicates the global economy is going limp are you personally affected this week let's talk about that have you felt the facts of a bad economy a better job this economy is not get me a better job here desire to try to go to college and i can't because car my car gas is all expensive and school so expensive so it's running vicious cycle is really bad but i'm happy because brazil is growing like for me is good so is that kind of the way it goes when when some countries are hurting other countries can prosper mark yeah greece is looking bad sprain is looking bad but i feel like we're on the right. so they're just exaggerating not in greece and spain no no i feel like the reports in the u.s. are i'm actually in the military so i feel it at all that's the only perk of our system one perk my job i've been getting steady paychecks for five years yet i can't see that the american military is going to go out of it if they do any time
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soon and i guess we have bigger problems to worry about the economy is bad and we had to cut back or we had to cut back even more would show we could take cruises should come to new york this. crucial british a first time in new york city today so that doesn't sound like you're hurting that it sounds like you're doing ok we have a cub a whole lot of other things you think that we've seen the bottom of this crisis or are we headed for bread lines and even worse things that we've seen the bottom what is the bottom look like. well it was pretty bad during the great depression is a bottom that we can compare it to i don't know if we'll get that bad but i don't think we're there yet so do you think we can fix it i'm a global level or do you think it's time countries started looking at themselves first i think we have to fix it on the global level but i think we reach country have to lower their their expectations of. the living standard i think we all have to go down whether or not you've been personally impacted the bottom line as
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the global economy apparently continues to fall flat so. chicago's former mayor richard daley held office for twenty two years up next he tells al gore and all of the secret of political wall jeopardy spotlight coming your way a little later this hour here's a preview. you sort of six as well well two terms in office is one of the fundamental principles i want for american democracy democracy it in lots of countries in the world so shouldn't it be applied to to the post of the mater you put your name up you say do you want to let be or not that's it that's the thing i think people say well the public is not that smart we have to limit terms for the public to smarter than anyone else they can say we like you or reject you why do you believe in the presidential term well i don't know i don't know the american people elected their academic for the fifteenth and i wouldn't i wouldn't i wouldn't mind they i think any president should want but when you start limiting
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people that mean just say the public doesn't have enough education or enough confidence or were thought to understand whether or not you're doing a good job and so my belief is you run for your run for election and if they accept your they accept you then you carry that on well maybe maybe they think that when you are in the sea you've got too much of what we call the administrative resource and you can you can you can you can pull more more money more resources to being reelected that's the graph of the normal time because you just weren't really elected and you not worry about doing your job then you can't be reelected most people worry about that maybe they don't accumulate money i get my campaign going and they forget about doing their job and so the mayor is more it's not a partisan job the mayor is about people and that's what a mayor's office is about. devoted
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scientist give up the comfort of their homes in the company of family and friends to work in extreme conditions sometimes at the ends of the earth or he's shown thomas investigates the price people have paid to fulfill their passion for making new discoveries. antarctic storms are known to be fierce sometimes forcing those who have to endure them to take safe harbor it was pretty bad it was. and. thirty to thirty five. years rolling around. had to. get in between the. rolling around. trying to make a good writer. the crew of this ship was able to pull through the tempest and even work with nearby stations to repair their damaged vessel but they were lucky operating in such a remote environment means replacement parts aren't always available and the workers here have to make do with what they can it is pretty hard to get here good
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equipment to get here sophisticated equipment so. one challenge is to try to make your big science was a very small amount of equipment because of the hearts and three weather conditions there is considered one of the most dangerous environments on the planet and because of this operating down here logistically it can be more than a convenience it can be downright deadly during the same storm the crew from that would go on t.v.'s base lost one of their team when a jeep rolled down an embankment into a frigid antarctic lake. that was the most difficult experience of my career in such moments i start to sing that good just once is to try is out here. but in antarctica time is a valuable commodity and work crews have limited time to prepare the base for winter after the accident happened we didn't even have time to make a stop which the moment required a stop to think to express compassion we had to go on with our work which we
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finished at about four am the next day the incident sparked an outpouring of international support from the surrounding bases but in a twist all too appropriate for the harsh realities of working in antarctica the chilean air force plane that was to airlift. the body back to south america suffered an explosion in the left engine as it was taking off the pilots on board of hurting another fatal tragedy by a matter of seconds still the southern continent doesn't provide the opportunity to dwell on the difficulties. the key things all problems as soon as possible or the opportunity will be lost when there is no immediate response because and avoid actions that me get one of those hurt for example when the airplane engine field we have avoided doing anything that could have gotten any of us hurt in any way so we don't have to airlift anybody else here we have avoided any wrists until another airplane arrives when a system derived from unfortunate necessity which keeps those living and working in
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the face of danger and safe as possible in antarctica sean thomas. there's more videos and stories from sean's adventures across the antarctic on his blog on our website or t. dot com. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge adults and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers flight make sense articles so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is a both and a frontal. expedition to the bottom of the earth arcs he's. back with a recap of our top stories in a few minutes stay with us. the
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i was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies kill em i dreamed of owning a can cabin factory. but we have less garbage now. some visitors who come here make fun of me. figure out garbage boy i'm
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not bad like people think. i'm a good person. it's just the people don't see me. but i feel it was time people like me. that i feel people will start to appreciate us. your shot up words.


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